Gallery Management


Gallery Management

Rahel Joseph
Gallery Director

Rahel has over 25 years’ experience working in arts and culture. She was formerly at Galeri Petronas where she managed the exhibitions and public programmes, and was the Director of Cultural Affairs at the Australian High Commission for seven years. She has co-curated various exhibitions at ILHAM, most recently Chia Yu Chian, Private Lives (2019) and Kok Yew Puah: Portrait of a Malaysian Artist (2021). She has written extensively for both print and media and is co-editor of Narratives in Malaysian Art Volume 3: Infrastructures (RogueArt, 2016). She has a particular interest in public programming and art education and has authored various publications including the Malaysian Art Book for Children (Khazanah Nasional Berhad, 2010) and Awesome Art Malaysia (National Gallery of Singapore, 2019).

Azzad Diah 
Assistant Curator

Azzad graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA, majoring in painting. His interests include film, animation and philosophy. He was part of the curatorial team for the Young Contemporary Award 2019 organized by the National Art Gallery Malaysia and participated in a residency program in South Korea organized by Asia Art Center, Gwangju, in 2018.

Chi Too
Project Manager

Chi Too is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and arts worker whose educational background is in mass communication and sound engineering. His art practice vacillates between the high-minded and the frivolous, the social and the personal, the transparent and the esoteric.

Khat Mirzan
Gallery Executive 

Khat received her bachelors in Art History and Psychology from Dartmouth College, USA. Her work in the gallery focuses on digital content creation, outreach and art education. Her interests lie in esotericism, post-irony, kitsch aesthetics and the Moon.

Eeling Wong
Gift Shop Manager

Eeling has more than a decade of work experience in the retail and service sector as well as in the book industry. She is also a mandala artist.