Film Screenings


CROSSROADS: Stories Of Migrant Workers, Refugees and Stateless People in Malaysia

DATE: 25 MARCH 2017
TIME: 3:00 PM

The video-series Crossroads tells the stories of people who have chosen or been forced to leave their homes. A video advocacy initiative by EngageMedia, a media NGO which focuses on social and environmental issues in Asia-Pacific in partnership with a number of local organizations in Malaysia, the project was aimed at strengthening the advocacy and documentation capacity of migrant workers, refugees, and stateless persons as well as their support organizations.

Trap (Perangkap)
Duration: 08:30

Stateless On The Streets (Tanpa Negeri Di Jalanan)
Filmmaker: James Mandasa
Duration: 04:50

Song Of A Foreign Land (Lagu Perantauan)
DOP, Filmmaker: Ozair Rao
Duration: 04:05

Siti Got Cheated (Siti Kene Tipu)
Filmmaker: Rajeswari Raman
Duration: 03:33

School Of Hope (Sekolah Harapan Bangsa)
FIlmmaker: Marcel Simok
Duration: 03:36

Police Pao (Polis Pao)
Duration: 05:44

Forsaken (Terabai)
Filmmakers: Karmadi, Thamby Rajan, Fajar Santoadi
Duration: 05:10

Cupin’s Tale, The Chickens Are Listening (Cupin Cerita, Ayam Pun Dengar)
Filmmaker: Muhammad Mundir
Duration: 04:46

In Search For Shelter (Mencari perlindungan)
Filmmakers: KS Tan, John, Nai Thy Wonna
Duration: 05:33