Art Discovery Tours


ILHAM KIDS!: Art Discovery Tours


(Ages 8 - 12)

Ever wanted to take your child to an art gallery but didn’t know where or how to start? Teaching children how to appreciate art is not as daunting as you think.

Cognitive specialists  share that our brains can only continue to grow and form new synaptic connections when we are exposed to new and novel experiences. Thus, thoughtfully planned visits to art museums and galleries that incorporate multisensory activities can be valuable experiences for kids, a first step towards their aesthetic awareness and cognitive development. Too often, art experiences for children only focus on the making of art. Children should be encouraged to talk about art objects, the artists and how the objects were made. Looking at art and encouraging conversations about it in ways that relate to children’s own experiences not only develops their visual literacy and descriptive language, but also their logical and creative thinking. Children learn quickly that visual symbols can communicate ideas.

Come awaken your child’s sense of wonder, as well as your own by signing up for our Ilham Kids’ Tours. More than just another art class, this gentle first encounter with fine art focuses on cultivating art appreciation and creativity within the context of current exhibitions at the Ilham Gallery. Perfect for locals and visitors looking to connect with contemporary Malaysian art together with their kids, our tour is designed to give 8 to 12 year olds a chance to engage with the Malaysian art scene, interpret ideas, and even create their own art works in a facilitated environment.

Fee is RM 50 per child (must be accompanied by a parent);.


Michelle Lim-Chua and Li-Hsian Choo first met as colleagues at a creative agency. Their friendship grew when they both had babies and transitioned from full-time to freelance home-based careers writing parenthood and children’s picture books, amongst many other things. As mothers raising Generation Z kids, they are acutely aware of how fast content changes in the world today, and how important it is for children of this present age to learn resourcefulness, creativity and cultural adaptability.

Coming from creative backgrounds, Michelle and Li-Hsian wanted to expose their kids to art and culture at an early age, but had nowhere to go, and not a clue where to start. It was hard to find creative cultural experiences for their toddlers in Malaysia. So, the two decided to sit down and do some research to design the very programmes they wanted so badly for their children, themselves. The goal in mind was to give every child a uniquely interactive, carefully curated, hands-on experience with local art and culture, as well as to inspire little minds to look at things differently and think in new ways. Many playdate-cum-work-meetings later, the Ilham Kids’ Tours for Kids was born in 2015 - no easy feat with four kids always running around!