Titik Garis Bentuk: Drawing as Practice

24 March – 28 July 2024 (Level 5)


Drawing is the most fundamental and universal form of human expression. From the ancient cave drawings in Borneo dating back over 40,000 years ago, human beings have used drawing as a way to communicate with each other, and to visualise the world around them. Considered the foundation of an artistic practice, drawing is the most immediate of all art forms, where the hand of the artist is most obviously revealed. While traditionally, drawing was seen as part of an artist’s preparatory work for a painting or sculpture, it is now regarded as a medium in its own right. 

Titik Garis Bentuk explores the role drawing plays in contemporary art in Malaysia and its place as finished works of art. Featuring the works of 27 artists who use drawing as a centre in their practice, the exhibition examines how artists are redefining the medium by blurring the boundaries between drawing and other artforms including installation, animation, and performance. Through their wide range of works encompassing figuration, landscape, architectural drawing, and minimalism, artists are expanding conventional definitions of drawing as mark-making on a two dimensional surface through the innovative use of materials and techniques. 

From the scale of life-size charcoal figures and panoramic landscapes to the immediacy of works that embody the meditative quality of drawing as practice, Titik Garis Bentuk showcases the different directions that these artists approach drawing. The exhibition shows us how contemporary artists are using the power of the drawn line to map our natural and built environments, to document our histories and cultural realities, and to tell stories, both real and imagined. In doing so, they have created a diverse range of works that speak to the complexity and contradictions of the human experience.